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Geospatial Insights

Stimulating cross sector innovation in the geospatial community

Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group

The world is powered by data; turning data into information helps us make decisions across all sectors of the economy. This special interest group is all about connecting the data holders and data processors with the people that can benefit from the insight geospatial data can provide. From the large imagery data sets provided by earth observation through to sensor data connected through the Internet of Things, the SIG will convene and connect people across sectors to help them identify and overcome their geospatial data challenges and create opportunities to drive economic growth.

Over the next two years, KTN will be running a series of workshops to raise awareness of the insights geospatial data can bring to key sectors such as infrastructure, financeagri-foodtransport and health.

Luca Budello – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Geospatial

Andy Bennett – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Space

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Tracking Covid-19 with Location Data - the Privacy versus Security Dilemma
Luca Budello, KTM for Geospatial Insights, discusses how some governments are using location data to combat the spread of Covid-19.
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