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Helping business working in new & emerging technologies, materials and design, as well as those working with traditional materials, to innovate and grow.

Materials at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Materials team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Please contact our Materials Team:

Robert Quarshie – Head of Materials
Tatiana Correia – KTM – Materials / Nano
Brian McCarthy – KTM Advanced Materials
Ajay Kapadia – KTM Composites
Sally Beken – KTM Polymers, Plastics & Elastomers
Veronica Sanchez-Romaguera – KTM Advanced Materials

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You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Materials sector by connecting with the KTN Advanced Materials group on LinkedIn or following KTN Materials on Twitter.

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Manufacturing and Materials Funding Round-Up
Find out about the latest funding calls which are relevant to the Manufacturing and Materials sectors. Last updated 22nd November 2019.
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