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Quantum Technologies

Accelerating exploitation of quantum science to create profitable and sustainable UK business by connecting the supply chain.

Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group

The Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group (QT SIG) will help to maximise the return from the UK Government’s £350m investment over 5 years to commercialise quantum technology. The SIG is a delivery partner in the Programme and supports and connects researchers, technology developers and users to link markets and suppliers to create a self-sustaining and profitable world-class UK quantum technology sector.

Please find a report including the objectives, highlights and outcomes of the SIG here.

Bob Cockshott, Quantum Technologies SIG lead
Najwa Sidqi, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Quantum Technologies

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The Quantum Revolution: Commercialising Quantum Technology
By Bob Cockshott, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Position, Navigation & Timing and Quantum and Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group lead.
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