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Latest Perspectives

A guide to XR and improving wellbeing from Sarah Ticho, Hatsumi
We recently spoke to Sarah Ticho, Immerse UK’s healthcare lead, and founder of Hatsumi, about how XR can contribute to our wellbeing.
Supporting and improving the future of mechanisation and agronomy for Zambian farming
Dr Sven Peets, Harper Adams University, presented his project Farm in a Box (FIAB) at the GCRF AgriFood Africa Event in December 2019.
Tracking Covid-19 with Location Data - the Privacy versus Security Dilemma
Luca Budello, KTM for Geospatial Insights, discusses how some governments are using location data to combat the spread of Covid-19.
The Traditional ROI Measure is not for AI
Dr. Caroline Chibelushi, KTM Artificial Intelligence, shares her thoughts on the challenges of measuring the return on investment for AI.
GCRF AgriFood Africa Team Interviews Dr Odede Rezin Ochieng
KTN interviews Odede on how Sidai Africa is involved in the GCRF AgriFood Africa Programme.